ugodna izdelava spletnih strani

spletne strani Dekrix.

Basic package

domain registration
web hosting
up to 5 domain mails
up to 5 subpages
up to 1 translation
basic optimization
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Advanced package

domain registration
web hosting
up to 10 domain mails
up to 15 subpages
up to 2 translations
advanced optimization
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premium package

domain registration
web hosting
unlimited domain mails
unlimited subpages
up to 3 translations
advanced optimization
google analytics
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what to choose?

spletne strani dekrix

For the most part, customers make decisions based on their needs. Due to the small price difference between the basic and advanced package, the advanced package is becoming more popular, as the customer gets significantly more for a slightly higher price.

basic package.
advanced package.
premium package.

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